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Macworld 2009: My Opinion

Whats up guys here are my opinion on Macworld. 

iWork 09:

  •  I guess iWork 09 had a pretty major update, but honestly I don’t really care because I don’t use it. I prefer Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word instead of Pages. I am just more suitable to the interface.

iLife 09:

  • iLife 09 was a major update and I absolutely LOVE it. 


Of course iMovie is my favorite application in the iLife suite. There are many updates in this application. My favorite feature in this application is the motion stabilization. This automatically detects how shaky the camera is and it makes it stabilize smooth and perfectly without losing quality.

They FINALLY added effects as in iMovie HD. They also added many new themes that you can apply to your whole project and movie, which adds custom transitions and many more things. They also added new transitions and a map title like in Indiana Jones. You can see many demos of these features on their official website:

Another very cool feature in iMovie is the green screen effect. It’s not green screen, but you can add drop back like in iChat. It is very cool and you can play around with it, and make movies. I believe iMovie had a great update. I am looking forward to iMovie.

  • iPhoto

iPhoto had one of the most major updates too. In iPhoto, you can make it so it would detect faces automatically. Like events, you can make albums of only the person you want to have in. You would have an album for each person that is in the picture and is convenient when you want to view a particular person’s photo. 

You can also share this to facebook and add it in your photos. The tagged photos in iPhoto automatically adds in Facebook. A friend can also tag a person ON facebook and after you refresh your pictures shared to facebook, it automatically adds the person the person added in Facebook. *Sorry if my explanation is bad*

You can also add themed slide shows, or add places. You can also use enhanced editing, which is also great. Travel maps is also great for illustrating your journey simply. 

  • Garageband 

Garageband 09 also had an interesting update. Now you can get a music teacher to teach you such as Fall Out Boy’s leader, Patrick Stump. You can either use Basic Lessons or get lessons from Aritsts. 

This is pretty major how you can do that. You can also re-create guitar rigs with the new guitar features. Theres also the same usual magic garageband jam, which is also pretty neat. 

  • iWeb 09

Now iWeb 09 doesn’t have a major update. The only updates it has are the widgets. Some widgets that are announced are YouTube videos, iSight photos, and countdown timers. They are pretty neat, but I think they only work on MobileMe. 😦

You can also update and let your friends know when you have updated your website on mobileme, or just create and publish one. It’s pretty neat.

Thats it for iLife 09. 

Macbook Pro

Now you guys should know they’ve updated the Macbook Pro 17″ to match up with the macbooks and the 15″ macbook pros, so its not special in anyway except for the matte option that costs $50!!!

What there SHOULDVE been:

  • There SHOULD HAVE been an update or a refresh of the new mac mini. I was planning to get it for my birthday. -.-
  • There also should have been  AT LEAST a preview or telling how Snow Leopard is doing. I can’t believe they never ever mentioned anything about Snow Leopard. I guess we’ll have to wait on that…
  • There also should have been probably new iMacs with spec bumps and not new designs. 

Thats it for the article today. Hope you have a nice day!


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