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Whats up guys, its Tim here. 
As you guys may know, I’m from YouTube! YouTube is a great place to make friends, express feelings and do many things that you can’t do physically. Internet is truly amazing because you can interact with other people through the internet. I first started making videos in September 04, 2006. I didn’t realize YouTube was such a big place. Then after I lost interest in cars, I met my MacBook in 2006 when I made my account. At school, I was interested in flash so much, I decided to make videos on it. They were very successfull. I would occasionally post many car videos. If you guys wanna check out old channel, click here. Then, I started to like Apple and their products, soon became a big fan of them. I’m not against Windows or anything, I just prefer Macs and Apple products. I’m not a fanboy. Then I started making videos early 2008, but soon got suspended for no reason whatsoever. They never told me anything why I got suspended or not. At that time I had 58 subscribers, which was SO MUCH to me. Now I’m here having over 500 subscribers. I’m also a YouTube Partner, which is even better! I’ve accomplished so many things on the internet and I’m hoping to continue making videos. 

Hope you guys are looking forward to this!


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